richard pierce

richard pierce

30 October 2010

From father to son, from son to father

What shall we do as we grow older?
Cantankerous – and son;
Cantankerous – and father?
Shall we laugh together again?

Love is always muted between father and son,
By the smallest things,
The most unimportant of arguments,
The largest of all questions.

Will there be that embrace,
That hug to say what’s never said?
Will there be an emptiness when either of us
Travel to opposite sides of the earth?

What shall we do, when the leaves grow pale
And memories paler, when we are both men
Of unequal strength? Will you hold my hand
When I am weak?

Richard, 30th October 2010. For Oscar, on his 18th birthday.

26 October 2010

Charlotte's 14th birthday poem

For You

Look, I have a rock
In the palm of my hand.
I carved it for you.

Look, its shape is not usual,
Nor its colour one we have grown
Used to, in this time.

It is warm, shaped to our heat,
Comfortable, and smooth.
It is.

No-one else can see it.
You know that, and
Reach out to touch.

Feel its weight, grasp
Its perfection. It is yours
Alone, always.

It is the most precious
Of things, a diamond
Of the soul.

Richard - 19th October 2010