richard pierce

richard pierce

18 April 2013

Kara's birthday poem

I should have posted this at the end of March, when it was Kara's birthday.


Where should I start,
And how do I begin?
There are stories in all of us
That want to be told.
This is what history is.

One day, you too will be old,
With a million stories to share,
And more, with those who will want
To listen; children, children’s children,
Friends, followers.

Write them now already,
All those fears, mistakes, and joys,
Those happinesses and hopes, tears,
Until you think there are no more
Words in the world.

And then you will find some more,
For words are eternal,
As are you.

9 April 2013

Remembering The Dictator

So she killed my generation
And I’m supposed to keep my mouth shut?
So she killed my county
And we’re supposed to be kind to her
Now she’s dead?

Let her family mourn in peace
And remember
Those she didn’t allow to rest or cry in peace,
Those whose walls and safety she ripped away,
Those whose livelihoods she stole,
Those whose families she murdered,
Those industries she stole from the nation,
Those in need she despised,
Those helpless she ignored,
Those holy words she abused,
That hate she propagated,
That spite she spat,
That venom she made,
That poison she injected into the world
In whose veins it still flows.

She was evil, and evil doesn’t die.
It lives on in her successors,
The hypocrites,
The fat liars,
The bankers,
The bureaucrats,
The racists and fascists,
The apathetic,
The greedy.

Even if I forgave her
She would be beyond redemption.