richard pierce

richard pierce

20 September 2016


I thought second time round would be easier.
I was wrong.
It’s like having a part of me ripped away
With nothing to replace it.
It’s only temporary, of course,
And life moves on
In its inevitable way,
Bringing with it old age and regret.
Those were the minutes we should have
Held dearest, the memories
We should have written down
As soon as their storm had settled.
But we were too tired.
And now we are too awake
Inside the emptiness
That is this four-dimensional vacuum.

R, 20/09/2016

3 September 2016

I Reject

I reject that autumn starts on the first of September.

I reject that organised religion is faith.

I reject that faith engenders violence.

I reject that one faith is greater than another.

I reject that faith and science are mutually exclusive.

I reject that one country is greater than another.

I reject that humans are basically bad.

I reject that war is inevitable.

I reject that peace is impossible.

I reject that those who seek peace are appeasers.

I reject that those who oppose war are cowards.

I reject that austerity is a sound economic principle.

I reject that the poor should pay for the crimes of the rich.

I reject that immigration should be limited.

I reject that there is any difference between races.

I reject that there is any difference between individuals.

I reject that the EU referendum was anything but advisory.

I reject that the sword is mightier than the pen.

I reject that love is nothing more than chemistry.

I reject hate.

I reject evil.