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Dead Men
The discovery of Captain Scott’s body in the Antarctic in November 1912 started a global obsession with him as a man and an explorer. One mystery remains – why did he and his companions spend their last ten days in a tent 11 miles from the relative safety of a large food and fuel depot?

Birdie Bowers, an infamously secretive painter, is a woman with a dead man’s name. Her parents were obsessed by her namesake, Henry ‘Birdie’ Bowers, one of Scott’s companions. Almost a hundred years after his death, she is determined to discover what really happened to him. On her way to view some of the things recovered from Scott’s tent, she collapses, and is rescued by Adam, a bored computer geek, who falls in love with her, to the extent of agreeing to travel to the Antarctic with her to discover the site of Scott’s tent, now under 30 metres of ice.

The Failed Assassin
For Over-18s only.
He's running away from Thatcher's England; she's determined to save Eastern Europe from war. They meet on the Milan to Rome train. She seduces him, promises him a sexual adventure free of emotional ties. When they get to Rome she inadvertently lets slip some of her past, an uncomfortable truth. Tempted by her beauty and by promises of sexual adventure, he journeys through Italy with her, until, after a night of unparalleled passion in Pompeii, she disappears.
When they meet again in Dubrovnik a year later, she finally reveals her past, and the one thing she must do to stop a civil war in Yugoslavia. Obsessed, he pledges to help her, with potentially disastrous consequences.
Bee Bones
Twelve-year-old Tillmann has been dreaming about his mother Kate since she died. But one morning something changes, and he becomes convinced she’s still alive. He persuades his father, Nairne, that they should look for her. This is the beginning of a journey across Britain, and through the past, for father and son, which takes them from London to Cambridge to Yorkshire, and then, finally, to Scotland.
When father and son reach their final destination, a sequence of events unfolds which makes Nairne question if anything Kate ever told him was the truth. Leaves him wondering if his entire life has been one big lie. And leaves him having to make a decision that could change his and Tillmann’s lives forever.
Tettig's Jewels
A series of murders.
All redheads.
All young.
All women.
A classical painting disappears from the National Gallery after every murder.
Only one man can solve these mysteries.
The old man Tettig, with no memory, and lost in time.

He sees ghosts.
One of them is the woman he loves.
He must travel again to save her.

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